From the Heart ~ 10

Sometimes it’s right for us to take time out, rest and reflect on life and take time to let things go, find a space to breath and let things the that weigh us down just fall away. What is meant to be will remain and what we no longer need will fall away when we just allow it to do so.

~ Liza



From the Heart ~ 1

When we are closed, protective, overly careful we miss out on opportunities, we don’t see them as they pass us by because we are too preoccupied with ourselves. It’s often only fear that holds us back in life, or being comfortable with what we know even though it doesn’t necessarily make us happy. There is a sort of security in holding onto things, like sadness and pain because we identify with it, it describes us.

Watch the flower opening, watch how it embraces life and give it a go.

~ Liza