The Trauma Draw



Most of us go through traumatic events in our lives at some stage or another, sometimes we manage these and deal with them and sometimes these experiences are too much to bare and we bury them, believing they are best out of sight and mind. When we experience trauma, we can lose feelings of safety, we doubt ourselves and those around us and can find it impossible to believe that we are loved or even capable of being loved. Trauma can turn worlds upside down, turn a place of wonder and beauty into a constant challenge and break you.

Trauma buries itself inside of our bodies, so deep sometimes that it is forgotten, covered up or turned into something else completely.  Feelings of anxiety, fear, anger and a multitude health issues often have their root in trauma. We believe in these states of mind and illnesses because we can’t connect them to anything else. When we bury trauma it’s a bit like putting an unpaid bill in the back of a draw, we can’t see it any longer but it still needs to be paid, it lingers there, it doesn’t disappear. When we begin to work on ourselves, open ourselves up, these draws begin to open and at some point, the underlying trauma surfaces and knocks us sideways.

There are many practices such as self-hypnosis, meditation, journeying, EFT and other traditional therapies that help us open up and find ourselves but these are not always easy.  Many people practice alone, and that’s okay these practices are meant to open our awareness, but when we start to delve into those draws, when we start to go into those very dark spaces and uncover the secrets they hold, that might just be the time you need someone else to guide you along the way.

I’ve worked in trauma for a long time, that doesn’t mean I was able to face my own traumas without the help of somebody else. As much as daily meditation was helpful, as things began to surface, I needed somewhere to put it, somebody to help me make sense of the mess and that person had to be chosen wisely. I needed someone who understood trauma, someone who had their own experience and had done the work on themselves, somebody who would listen and help me make sense of my own muddles.

I believe for me, it was a mixture of people, but each one helpful. I sat in group meditations, I shared what came up in the safe space. I had healing therapies and discovered the benefits of hypnotherapy and I talked. I wrote, I told stories and discovered poetry. I unraveled myself and I cleared out those draws and lined them with love.

Don’t clean out that draw alone, use your connections, make new ones, find the one who has been there before and trust in the process. Recovery is possible and the best possible place to be.



Connecting with your Future Self

Do you know where you want to be but have trouble knowing how to get there, are you lost when it comes to knowing the next steps to take, or what direction you should go in? Do you ever feel swamped but get nothing done as it is all just too much? Do you procrastinate when you should be getting on top of the million and one things you have to do? Do you leave everything to the last minute because you just don’t know where to start?

Sometimes starting something new is the hardest thing in the world, it can be like climbing a mountain with a peak that is just out of sight, we can’t ever imagine getting there, the outcome or end product is sometimes as hard to see.

A simple visualisation can create the pathways you need to begin, whatever it is you’re putting off or deliberating on. Lets look at that mountain, if when you are at the bottom, you use a simple visualisation to see yourself at the top, picture yourself there, know and feel yourself having accomplished the climb, realise what it took for you to get there, see the steps you took and know it’s possible, you have started to create your outcome.

When we see our future selves, feel, sense and know what it’s like to be in the future it is so much easier to get there. We start to understand the steps we need to take and also the impact of the decisions we are making today and how they affect the outcome. When we get to know our future selves, we can create an emotional connection, bring our future selves closer to who we are now to assist us in the steps we need to make. Ask your future self what it is you need to do to get there.

If you can trust anyone in life, surely you can trust yourself. Think about it, it’s like having your hand held, who better to show you the way than somebody who has got there, somebody who has been in exactly your position and who has your very best interests at heart.

You can use simple visualisations like this in anything you need to do as a way of getting you there, but don’t only visualise the outcome, make sure you understand the process. Ensure your visualisation is realistic, congruent to who you are and achievable, know that you will get there and that your future self will show you the way.

A good way to visualise is to watch the scene as if on a cinema screen, watch yourself experience the achievement and then step into the scene and experience how success feels firsthand.  If you really immerse yourself in the experience your brain will believe it, our imaginations are incredibly powerful things, when we imagine we create images that become part of us, we store them as if they are real, we create pathways and pathways are what we need to lead us to where we want to be.

So what is it that you are going to do today?







Why I don’t want to help you give up the fags.

I don’t want to help you give up the fags because I’m not the right person to do so, and if the truth be told, you really have nothing to give up. There are many hypnotherapists out there who will help you but I’m just not one of them.

I didn’t become a hypnotherapist to help with issues like this, smoking, weight issues and phobias don’t interest me unless they are part of something else. Yes, I might work with smokers and they might become non-smokers but that will be because they are finding other aspects of themselves, they are starting to believe in possibilities and in doing so, easily let go of outdated habits or responses they no longer need.

How we behave is a response to something else, I smoked as a child to fit in with a group, smoking was acceptance. The adult who was smoking twenty years later didn’t realise that, smoking had become a habit, another behaviour. I no longer smoke cigarettes, but that is because I looked deeper and made the changes that fitted best with who I really am.

I added hypnotherapy to the work I do because I could see the benefits of working with the subconscious. This is the place that stores what we have learnt, it is from where our automatic responses come, our behaviours. The subconscious does what it has been taught, it’s not a matter of if it’s right or wrong, the subconscious doesn’t think, it does. We are mind, body and spirit, we have many levels of consciousness and to grow and make the best of what we have all of these must be congruent and working towards the same objective.

In many cultures and practices throughout the ages hypnotic states have been utilised to plant a message, heal body and mind and bring about change.  Shamanic tribes are known to use trance, expectation and suggestion in many of their rituals. Native American tribes have always used trance inducing rituals of dancing, drumming and chanting to bring about change. The practice of yoga utilises a hypnotic state through a series of exercises that uses deep breathing and focus to calm the mind and relax the body and bring about spiritual growth. Meditation helps us reach a place within us to gain understanding and peace of mind. So you see hypnotic techniques have long been known to be healing and transformative.

The reason I don’t want to help you quit the fags is because I want to work on a deeper level, in a a more spiritual and empathic way to help you achieve what it is you want or need. I don’t want to be a quick fix therapist. In as much as change might come about quickly, I want it to be from the rapport we build and understanding we reach.  In working with you I mix hypnotherapy with other healing modalities and a specialist understanding of trauma.  Above all it has to feel right, I work intuitively, and if I am the right therapist for you, I will know and you will know too.

I believe we have the blueprint to perfect health, a blueprint that can be accessed on another level of consciousness, and that’s my aim, to work with you to assist you in making the changes that make your life better.

Don’t you want to know where your going, don’t you want to let go of everything else that holds you back. Who knows, when you are living the life that’s right for you, you might just not want a fag.