Why I don’t want to help you give up the fags.

I don’t want to help you give up the fags because I’m not the right person to do so, and if the truth be told, you really have nothing to give up. There are many hypnotherapists out there who will help you but I’m just not one of them.

I didn’t become a hypnotherapist to help with issues like this, smoking, weight issues and phobias don’t interest me unless they are part of something else. Yes, I might work with smokers and they might become non-smokers but that will be because they are finding other aspects of themselves, they are starting to believe in possibilities and in doing so, easily let go of outdated habits or responses they no longer need.

How we behave is a response to something else, I smoked as a child to fit in with a group, smoking was acceptance. The adult who was smoking twenty years later didn’t realise that, smoking had become a habit, another behaviour. I no longer smoke cigarettes, but that is because I looked deeper and made the changes that fitted best with who I really am.

I added hypnotherapy to the work I do because I could see the benefits of working with the subconscious. This is the place that stores what we have learnt, it is from where our automatic responses come, our behaviours. The subconscious does what it has been taught, it’s not a matter of if it’s right or wrong, the subconscious doesn’t think, it does. We are mind, body and spirit, we have many levels of consciousness and to grow and make the best of what we have all of these must be congruent and working towards the same objective.

In many cultures and practices throughout the ages hypnotic states have been utilised to plant a message, heal body and mind and bring about change.  Shamanic tribes are known to use trance, expectation and suggestion in many of their rituals. Native American tribes have always used trance inducing rituals of dancing, drumming and chanting to bring about change. The practice of yoga utilises a hypnotic state through a series of exercises that uses deep breathing and focus to calm the mind and relax the body and bring about spiritual growth. Meditation helps us reach a place within us to gain understanding and peace of mind. So you see hypnotic techniques have long been known to be healing and transformative.

The reason I don’t want to help you quit the fags is because I want to work on a deeper level, in a a more spiritual and empathic way to help you achieve what it is you want or need. I don’t want to be a quick fix therapist. In as much as change might come about quickly, I want it to be from the rapport we build and understanding we reach.  In working with you I mix hypnotherapy with other healing modalities and a specialist understanding of trauma.  Above all it has to feel right, I work intuitively, and if I am the right therapist for you, I will know and you will know too.

I believe we have the blueprint to perfect health, a blueprint that can be accessed on another level of consciousness, and that’s my aim, to work with you to assist you in making the changes that make your life better.

Don’t you want to know where your going, don’t you want to let go of everything else that holds you back. Who knows, when you are living the life that’s right for you, you might just not want a fag.




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