Resting in the Heart was set up to quite simply provide a space. This space is for you to take time out and focus a little on who you are and where you are going. Throughout our lives we reach many points where we might need a little time for ourselves to recharge and maybe reevaluate. This might follow a trauma of some sort or quite simply that we’ve reached a place in which we question our purpose or direction.

I believe it is essential to understand who we are if we are ever to understand where we are going. We have got to make sense of the past if we are going to make sense of the future, after all it is the whole person who walks into the future.

Resting in the Heart provides a safe space for you to feel thought about and supported while working through whatever it is you bring to the space.

Services Provided

Life Story Work
Therapeutic Story Telling
Spiritual Wellness Coaching
Future Life Progression
Past Life Regression
Intuitive Heart Centred Healing
Grief Support

My experience with Liza has been very inspiring and introspective. Liza guided me into a few different past lives; this experience made me discover worlds that helped me relate to this reality with more strength and insight. Liza’s approach is very gentle, yet extremely supportive, she’s kind and very knowledgeable, the perfect combination to achieve a rewarding experience. I definitely recommend seeing her if you’re in need of direction, if you feel a bit stuck or lost, or just if you’re curious to try something new! I had a wonderful experience and would definitely go back again!

Marta, Brighton, UK

Marta says……

Liza has been more helpful than I can put into words for me. From a simple recommendation from a mutual friend she really took me under her wing and took the time to truly help me understand what I needed to do to improve my situation. She doesn’t just tell me what I want to hear, but she tells me what she feels is for my best interest to know. She’s inspired me to get back in touch with my creative and spiritual sides and has already helped me develop into a more complete and fulfilled spirit.

Michelle, Brighton, UK

Michelle says….